November 8, 2008

DVD Now Available

By Dave @ 9:21 am

We took some much needed time off in May after Season 1 (and only!) concluded and premiered. Whew!! However, much like any true Hollywood film, the thing ain’t over until it’s on the bargain shelf at the local Walgreen’s, so we whipped up a commentary track, slapped together some fancy box artwork, and ran off some DVDs!

You can own a piece of the magic for $10! That’s right, only $10! The DVD includes all 6 episodes, a NEW 34-minute “full length” cut of Bus Pirates, special features, and full braging rights for the first person on their block to order it.

Click this link to go to the order page.

August 7, 2008

Whoops, here’s a blog!

By Dave @ 12:39 pm

December 21, 2007

Episode 5 is here!

By Dave @ 10:44 am

August 30, 2007

We’re back!

By Dave @ 7:12 pm

December 7, 2006

Christmas “special” and T-shirts now available

By Dave @ 10:00 am

October 13, 2006

Bus Pirates hits MySpace hard

By Dave @ 12:54 pm

April 10, 2006

Episode 2 Launches!!!

By Dave @ 12:00 am

April 9, 2006

Bus Pirates in the NEWS and ONLINE!

By Dave @ 8:00 am

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