December 7, 2006

Christmas “special” and T-shirts now available

By Dave @ 10:00 am

Hey everyone, hope you’ve all been well these past several weeks. We’ve been quite busy at Bus Pirates HQ with three cool projects that we’d like to share with you!
1) Bus Pirates T-shirts are HERE! You picked the designs, we printed them. 2 choices: The Captain shirt (white printing on black shirt) or the Stumpy shirt (black printing on cool gray shirt). High quality shirts, decent price ($15) and each shirt helps us fund episodes 3 AND 4!!! Oh yeah, did I mention we have LADIES-fitted shirts, too?! What are you waiting for, go to the Bus Pirates STORE now!

2) In honor of their t-shirts, Captain Bonnier and Stumpy recorded a video of them on Christmas morning. They unwrap some really cool gifts - watch it (below) to see what they get!

3) Number three is a brief update on Episodes 3 (and 4!) - we are still moving full-speed ahead when them and are expecting to shoot in early 2007. The reason for the delay has mainly been due to scheduling the cast and crew who all do this in their spare time for no $$. In order to deliver a high-quality product, we can’t rush through these steps! Thanks for understanding.

As usual, stop by our MySpace page and say hello! And PLEASE order some shirts!

-Dave & the BP Crew

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