"Pilot: Part I / Bad Luck"

With a broken-down Geo and a late start to his day, Dan temps fate by stepping aboard Los Angeles City public transportation. In no time Dan’s little orange bus has been taken over by Capt. Jack Bonnier and his band of ruthless bus pirates! Stranded with the most villainous sea-dogs of the interstate and one other passenger, the beautiful and mysterious Christy, Dan must choose between joining the pirates or a vague fate that may be even worse. Will Dan and Christy survive the pirates’ musical number? Are all bus drivers inarticulate and unhelpful? What’s up with that handless guy? Is Christy really a robot? Watch and find out!


"Pilot: Part 2/ Redbeard's Revenge"

There's more than one crew of scurvy pirates riding the metro transit system?! A bus with cannons?! Swashbuckling sword fight melee!?!? Yes! It's all here! Episode 2 - coming in early 2006!


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