Normally we don't like to beg for anything (food and attention exempt) but if you enjoy "Bus Pirates" and would like to encourage us to make more of these things, they easiest way to do that is through your check book! Each episode of "Bus Pirates" costs roughly $650 and the cast and crew work for free (although we'd like to change that!) Our viewers have downloaded us hundreds of thousands of times both online and to their mobile devices (iPod).

If you feel so inclined, click on over to PayPal and donate whatever you can part with. We'd also take on sponsors if anyone was interested!

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Theresa Anderson
Mark Murfin  
Stephanie Siegel Love you guys!!! Bus Pirates RULE.
Fergus Mitchell You guys are doing such quality work there...that kind of thing needs rewarding.
Harn Soper Great work guys!
Jeffrey Eyerly  
Michael Malinski  
Elizabeth Reay  
Barry French  
Lloyd Dodd  
Anthony Howard  
Brian Lewis  
Heidi Byerly  
Patrick Feehan